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So what does 'Single Vineyard' mean to us and what should it mean to you?


It means that the grapes are entirely from our Blue Mountains family owned and operated vineyard and therefore reflect the terroir of our region.  To truly appreciate all that Megalong Creek Estate has to offer, we believe you should combine a love of our single vineyard wines and the natural beauty of the Valley. Megalong Creek Estate wines are the only Blue Mountains wines that are made purely from grapes grown in the Megalong Valley. Our unique wines have a sense of place, which means that everything in the vineyard contributes to the distinctive flavor of that particular site.  Soil, slope, drainage, elevation and particularly the microclimate of the valley influence the aromas, tastes, texture and structure of the finished wine.  We like our customers to know that what they are drinking is truely local and a unique Blue Mountains product. So, next time, you are enjoying a Megalong Creek Estate wine, you can be assured that we have put a lot of love into what is in your glass!


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Pinot Grigio 2019 harvest done👍 #pinotg
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